3 Signs Your Pool Needs Renovations

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[/row] Swimming Pools are just like any other big ticket items that you may own and renovations are just one part of the equation. Like many of your homes projects, having a professional do the work is often the best solution. Exposed caulking, sharp edges, and cracked plaster can be a total bummer during the summer and peak swimming season. Procrastination plays a huge role for not making repairs and just like dental procedures; the longer you wait, the worst it gets.

Does Your Pool Have These 3 Things?

1.) Cracks in Your Tile & Coping

2.) Peeling or Damaged Caulking Around Your Pool

3.) Cracks or Stains in Your Plaster

Frogs Pool Renovation and Repairs can handle all of your swimming pool needs so you can get back to enjoyment. With over 10 years of experience in repairs and renovations, the company is capable of the fixing the smallest repairs on up to the biggest renovations. Swimming-Pool-Tile-Installation-Center-Valley-PA-2With great and friendly customer service; Frogs Pool Repair respects your needs, listens to your concerns, then goes out and repair the problems. whatever the case may be with your swimming pool, Frogs offer many services included such as:

Most people know when it’s time to make repairs, but others aren’t as savvy. That’s why it’s important to have a professional service come out and consult you on what needs to be done. Here are three signs to look out for and alerts you if things start to go into decline. Professional Pool Service like (Frog’s) covers all bases. Whether it’s maintenance or preventive services, this skilled team pros can handle any pool issue.

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