3 Tips for after Pool Plaster

You just made the decisions to Plaster Your Swimming Pool! You want to keep it nice as it looks the day after plaster!

After the work was done you look at your pool and realize that you had made a great decision. Although there are somethings that you have to do after the pool specialists have completed their work.



What are some of the things that you need to do to keep your pool looking great after the pool specialists have finished plastering your pool?

Checking Your Ph Levels

The chemistry in your pool is very important, but when you have had your pool refinished it very vital that you check the ph levels regularly.  You want to make sure that your pool water is balanced; if it is to acidic or basic it could do damage to the work that you had done to the pool.


Dust flies through the air all the time and when it finally lands, it makes everything you own look dirty.  When your pool is done with it's repairs you will want to clean your pool more often so that stains do not cover your new plaster.  Although a vacuum is an easier way to clean your pool, it may do damage to your new plaster.


Sometimes the old methods are the best methods.  Using a brush to clean your pool after you have had it repaired is the safer than using a vacuum.  In many cases the vacuum may leave marks behind on your beautiful newly renovated pool, where as a brush is soft can do the work as well as a vacuum.

Getting your pool repaired is a big decision, but once you have the job done you can jump into your pool and enjoy a nice cool swim.  If you have any questions about your pool you can always ask a pool specialist at Frog's and they can answer all of your questions about your pool.

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