Acid Wash Pool Stain Removal Norristown, PA

Unsightly scale build-up or ugly staining can ruin an otherwise good-looking pool. Scaling occurs when calcium deposits are left on pool surfaces after water has evaporated. This develops a line of white or grey scale around the edge of your pool that can be difficult to remove. Scaling can also be seen when calcium deposits come out of suspension and can be seen floating in the pool.


Staining can be caused by a chemical imbalance reacting with the pool surface and can be various colors.

After every plaster job Frog’s Pool Renovation & Repair gives each client a guide on how to avoid stains and scaling. This is important that you follow the guide for 2 months after the plaster.

Frog’s Pool Renovation & Repair use a technique of Pool Acid Wash that is performed by experienced team members and is not harmful to any area of your one or yard. We collect and remove the acid wash so there is no left over residue. Most stains are removed on the first visit!

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