Pool Plaster Boyertown, PA

Looking for a Pool Plaster Company serving Boyertown, PA? Look no further than Frog's Pool Renovation & Repairs!

Is your swimming pool looking tired and forlorn? Is the paint coming off, tiles cracked and broken. Frogs Pool Renovation has ten years experience is renovating pools to bring them back to their former appearance. Frogs Pool Renovation provides a top quality first class service to all its customers.

Frogs Pool Renovation can undertake all pool related repairs and refurbishments, this can include  tile and coping, pool repair, pool plastering and acid wash stain removal, and the installation of pool decking.Florida-Gem-Hawaiian-Hackettstown-NJ6

Neglected and Tired Pools

Frogs Pool Renovation specializes in turning that old tired, neglected pools back to their former glory. The pool can be  re-plastered in a number of colors and finishes such as: gray, white, quartz and pebble. Frogs Pool Renovations can easily match tiles and grout with a large choice of colors, shades and styles.

Frog’s Pool Renovation is an approved operator of the majority of Pool Plaster Finishes in your area. They have ten years plus experience in applying quartz and  White Plaster Aggregated Pool Finishes.

A Quality Service

Frogs Pool Renovation team provides a professional pool renovation service. You can be assured of top quality service at all times. Come and chat with our trained and friendly sales team. They can talk you through all the options to bring your pool back to its original luster.

Frogs Pool Renovation can easily transform your tired old pool and restore it to its former good looks by replacing tiles, cleaning and repairing broken tiles. They can  upgrade your pool’s appearance with great features, decking and accessories.

Coping and Caulking

Coping  is cosmetic and only purpose is to hide the bond beam and forms a seamless match between the pool and decking. Caulking and coping  is an essential process as it stops movement of the ground underneath the pool. You can have a choice of color and finish in natural stones, flagstones, blue stone, granite and travertine.

Frog Renovation can make you tired old pool like new again. Frogs Pool renovation can clean and remove old paint by a water blasting process. Repair broken tiles and restore and replace pool decking. Frogs Pool Renovation has the tools and experience to do whatever it needs to bring you pool back to its former glory and at a competitive price.

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