Pool Plaster Lansdale, PA

Looking for a Pool Plaster company serving Lansdale, PA? Look no further than Frog's Pool Renovation!

When it comes to your pool you want to get the best help possible. Frog’s Pool Renovation & Repair offers affordable professional services to help keep commercial pools looking welcoming.IMG_2901

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One of the most important services a pool company can do is pool plaster because it is the final coating that is applied to the pool. This is the coat that adds the watertight seal and makes the surface smooth, so swimmers aren’t cutting themselves on a rough surface. This plaster is also what makes the appearance of the pool look more pleasing.

Frog’s Pool Renovation & Repair can plaster any pool regardless of size or location. The type of plaster used is the traditional white mixed with crushed marble, which has been a favorite for pool builders and remodelers for decades. In addition to that finish, there are also other finishes if you prefer a different look including white & grey, a natural pebble finish, or a polished marble finish.

The confidence shows with the limited 5-year bonding warranty, which you probably will not have to use. If the plaster is properly maintained it can last for as long as 10 years before you have to get it redone.

With over 10 years of experience, you can trust that you will receive top quality work on your commercial pool. The process is very simple, just fill out the form on the website with your information and someone will contact you to follow-up and set up an appointment. If you are in the area and have a commercial pool that you want to stand out, contact Frog’s Pool Renovation & Repair today.

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