Pool Renovations Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Looking for a Pool Renovations Company serving Cherry Hill, New Jersey? Look no further than Frog's Pool Renovation & Repairs!

Frogs Pool Renovation has ten years experience of providing a top quality pool service to its customers. The company can undertake a number of pool related services which include pool repair and pool plaster, tile and coping.

If your swimming pool is looking tired or in need of some repair Frog Pool Renovation is the people to call. Contact Frog Renovation experienced, friendly sales team for advice and help.IMG_3054

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Over time most swimming pool crack due to movements in the ground. Frog's team can source the problem and can plaster your pool in Pebble, quartz, gray or white plaster finish.

Frogs Pool Renovations can end tile and grout problems old coping is difficult to match, but Frog Pool Renovation has a big  selection of stone and color allows us to match any tile or coping.

Plaster Finishes

Frog’s Pool Renovation is an approved operator of most Swimming Pool Plaster Finishes in the region. They have many years experience in  White Plaster but with Quartz Aggregated Pool Finish.

Keeping You Informed

If you are daunted by the prospect of pool repairs, Frog Renovations will keep you informed at every step of the repair process and educate you to the problem with your pool. An informed client is a happy client and it is Frog’s aim to ensure customer satisfaction.

Frog Pool Renovation can transform your pool and restore it to its original luster by replacing tiles. Or  upgrade your pool’s look with exciting features, composites and equipment.

Swimming Pool Coping

Coping  is  aesthetic and hides the bond beam. It forms a seamless meeting of the pool and decking. The company provides caulking from the coping to the concrete. This is important as it prevents movement of the ground, which can affect the pool. A popular choice is blue stone, natural stones, granite, flagstones and travertine.

Bring Your Pool Back To Life

Frog Renovation can bring your pool back to life with using water blasting to remove paint. This is a quiet, clean and efficient way to clean your pool. Our experience, team will ensure all the mess spent materials are removed and taken away from the site. Frog Pool Renovation will strive to ensure there is a minimum disruption to your routine during renovations.

Frog Pool Renovation services don't stop here they can also undertake acid wash stain removal, and the installation of pool decking.

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