Swimming Pool Tile & Coping

Swimming Pool Tiling

Tile defined is the band which falls below the coping at the top of the pool wall which is normally always 6” tall with rare exceptions.The surface is prepped and a brown coat of cement is applied to the surface of the tile band. The grout color should always match the color of the plaster!Pool Tile & Coping Malvern PA

The band of tile at the top of the bond beam just beneath the coping has aesthetic and pragmatic purposes. While it complements the appearance of your pool, the tile band also hides the inevitable scum line caused by the water’s surface and protects the plaster from the ill-effects of exposure to open air, like drying and cracking. Pool tile is specifically engineered and manufactured to be freeze and thaw resistant. Typically, running tile or spot tiles are installed on the façade of steps, seats and benches.

Swimming Pool Coping

Coping defined is essentially serving as the aesthetic purpose of hiding the bond beam. Coping also transitions nicely to the surrounding decking to form a seamless meeting of the two surfaces. Frog’s Pool Renovation provides caulking from the coping to the concrete to prevent the movement of the ground effecting the pool.

The most popular and least costly coping material is coping bricks. Available in an array of colors there is also alternative coping materials including natural stones, blue stone, flagstones, travertine and granite.

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