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Swimming pools, like all other assets in your home, can become dated and old fashioned. Unlike a piece of furniture, however, a swimming pool can also begin to malfunction if it is not maintained correctly.

One thing you should be sure is functioning the way it is intended to is the tile and coping around the top and rim of your pool. While you may think the tile and coping are just there for aesthetic reasons they also provide a vital role in making your pool safe and secure. Swimming-Pool-Tile-Installation-Center-Valley-PA-7

Pool Tile & Coping Services

Pool tile is the tile at the very top of the pool wall, just below the coping tile. It adds a striking addition to the overall look of your pool but it also provides a vital role in minimizing the appearance of the inevitable line of scum formed by the water lapping against the wall. It also protects the plaster which can become dry and crack if exposed to the air.

The pool tile should be intact with no chips or cracks and should be in line with the coping tile above it. If it is damaged in any way it will allow the water to penetrate the plaster behind causing the walls to crack and crumble.

Pool Coping

Pool coping is the stone or concrete tiles used to trim the outside edge of the swimming pool. It also creates a transition between the pool and the surrounding decking. It's like putting a beautiful frame around a masterpiece painting. If done correctly it greatly adds to the overall appearance of the pool.

It should be sealed to prevent damage due to frost and rain and should compliment the design of the decking and pool tile. If it is loose or damaged it becomes not only a slip hazard to anyone enjoying the pool but can also allow water to seep into the ground around the outside of the pool which can cause devastating damage to the pool.

What should you do if you notice damage to your pool tile or pool coping?

Frog's Pool Renovation and Repairs have been servicing the Malvern, PA area for over ten years. We have a knowledgeable staff who can help with advice and recommendations for upgrading your pool tile and coping.

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