Tips on How to Pick Right Pool Plaster Finish

Picking a swimming pool plaster finish can be a daunting task! A great pool plaster finish can make your pool the talk of the neighborhood or a major eye soar. One of the best ways for preserving your hard earned asset of a pool is picking the best pool plaster Finish.

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Pool Plaster strengthens your swimming pool. The plaster is usually around 1/2 inch thickness which makes it very durable. Unlike paint; pool plaster can last up to 15 years with proper care and use. Our first tip is to research the different types of pool plaster finishes. Visit our full list here.

Types of Pool Plaster Finishes

Quartz Plaster

Quartz gives your pool many benefits such as lower pool costs, distinctive appearance, durability, and superb color. Quartz has minerals in it and gives you a deeper color tone with it's multi-dimensional appearance .

Polished Marble Plaster

Polished marble gives your pool a timeless beauty from it's crushed colored stones and are used more with classic styled pools. Being polished, it gives you a smoother surface and really brings out the luster.

Natural Pebble Plaster

Pebble finishes are commonly used for lagoon style or tropical pool settings. If you want a more rustic look, natural pebble offers you this by blending in with it's surroundings.


Top Brands of Pool Plaster

     There are many brands to choose from when searching for pool plaster. With so many options, due diligence is the best way to go, but check out these brands.

  • Hydrazzo finishes gives you many color options and are silky smooth. It's non-slip finish is resistant to algae, stains, and spot etching.
  • River Rok is one of the best because of it's versatility. The finish is advanced and has a revolutionary blend of aggregates. You'll receive distinct colors such as calm sea, pacific pearl, sand, granite and more.
  • Florida Stucco has a safe, non-abrasive surface that's finished in pearl tones or colored quartz gems. If you want a longer lasting plaster finish, this is for you.
  • SunStone is very hard and resistant to degradation and stains. It gives you a wonderful sparkle thanks to it's combination of cement and enhanced quartz aggregate.

There you have it. First always do your research! We have samples of each plaster finish for you to take home and think about it! The top brands and finishes for turning your pool into a work of art. Choosing a plaster finish is definitely worth the extra value, but it makes your pool look stunningly brilliant.


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