Water Blasting Pool Paint Removal Norristown, PA

When you are looking to have your in-ground swimming pool’s surface re-plastered,, re-surfaced, re-finished, keep in mind if you have old pool with paint, seasonal conditions will torn your swimming pool paint. Since long time, pool paint removal used to be done with old sand blasting system. However, that gives a lot of mess around your pool after job done. Besides that, it is really noisy system that bothers neighbors.Water-Blasting-Frogs-Pool-Renovation-Norristown-PA

Our in-ground swimming pool plastering and pool resurfacing services will bring your pool back to life with using latest paint removal system. We use water blasting method to remove your old swimming pool paint with 7000psi high pressure. With water blaster, your swimming pool deck will be left clean after job done. Also, water blasting method is not as noisy as sand system. It is much quieter.

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